The call for abstract submissions has been extended until April 28, 2017. 

This year, following queries from a number of researchers and clinicians, the ISFB steering committee is pleased to be introducing a poster session to our annual event.

Abstract Information:

Abstracts should be focused on the fetus or the preterm baby, particularly on brain development and/or the nervous system. Abstract topics may include, but are not limited to, neuroimaging, non-invasive monitoring, dysmorphology, genetics and/or counseling, congenital infections, fetal interventions, placenta, fetal/neonatal outcome, ethics, and fetal program development/quality improvement.

Posters will be set up throughout the symposium, with attendees and presenters strongly encouraged to be present during breaks. Selected abstracts will be posted online on our website the week before the conference and shared with attendees with the potential for formal publication down the road.


Total of 2,600 characters, title and figure captions not included in word count. Must include title, background, objective, design/methods, results, and conclusions. There is a max of two figures/tables.


Please use this link to upload and submit abstracts directly to the poster board committee for review.

Abstract Acceptance:

The poster board committee will review abstracts between April 28-May 5 and will email results to all participants by May 12.